FabFilter Total Bundle v2020.12 WiN-MAC 肥波效果插件合集


SAL/VST/VST3/AAX/AU | win-39MB mac-306MB

格式:SAL / VST / VST3 / AAX / AU
要求: 64位: Windows 10、8、7或Vista 32位:Windows 10、8、7 ,Vista或XP VST 2/3主机或Pro Tools macOS 10.10或更高版本(仅64位) AU或VST 2/3主机或Pro Tools 英特尔或苹果硅处理器
说明:Total Bundle是所有FabFilter插件的集合。借助该套件,您将获得我们专业的EQ,混响,压缩器,多频带扬声器,限制器,去esser和门/扩展器,创造性的多频带失真,延迟,滤波器和合成器。

FabFilter Micro v1.22
FabFilter One v3.33
FabFilter Pro-C 2 v2.12
FabFilter Pro-DS v1.16
FabFilter Pro-G v1.26
FabFilter Pro-L 2 v2.07
FabFilter Pro-MB v1.23
FabFilter Pro-Q 3 v3.17
FabFilter Pro-R v1.10
FabFilter Saturn 2 v2.03
FabFilter Simplon v1.32
FabFilter Timeless v2.32
FabFilter Twin v2.32
FabFilter Volcano v2.32

– Added native Apple Silicon support to the AU, VST and VST3 plug-ins on Mac. Of course, Intel Macs are still supported via universal binaries. The minimum macOS requirement is now macOS 10.10.
– Fixed a bug that caused the right-click menu in VST3 plug-ins on Mac to appear in the wrong location on Retina displays.
– Fixed a bug in the VST3 plug-ins that could cause some plug-in parameters to reset to the default value after leaving the plug-in open without running audio for a long time (for example overnight).
– Pro-C 2: Fixed a bug that could occur in the VST3 plug-in in Ableton Live and possibly other hosts that caused attack and release to work incorrectly when multiple small audio clips are present on a track with silence in between.
– Pro-L 2, Pro-Q 3: Added support for Dolby Atmos 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 in the VST3 plug-ins.
– Pro-L 2, Timeless 2, Twin 2: Fixed glitches when moving the interface from a High DPI monitor to a regular monitor or back.
– Saturn 2, Timeless 2, Twin 2, Volcano 2: Fixed a crash that could occur in MIDI Learn mode or when making a drag-and-drop modulation connection if the number of active sources (e.g. XLFOs) is automated by the host at the same time.
– One, Twin 2: Fixed a crash when validating the Intel AU plug-in on an Apple Silicon Mac via Rosetta 2 in a native Apple Silicon host like Logic Pro.
– Pro-R: Fixed a bug that could cause Decay Rate EQ bands set to High Shelf with a factor above 100% to have no effect on the sound.
– Pro-Q 3: With Gain-Q Interaction enabled, Cmd/Ctrl-dragging a positive dynamic range in the display would flip the gain to negative.
– Pro-Q 3: Double-clicking on the instance name in the Analyzer panel and making it empty would not work correctly when the name was already set to the default.
– Saturn 2: Optimized CPU usage with various distortion styles, most notably British Rock and British Pop.
– Volcano 2: The mono AU plug-in now no longer uses the “FF” prefix in the plug-in name.
– Volcano 2: Fixed a bug that caused modulation connections to a filter on the right or side channel to display an incorrect modulation target.


macOS:安装完成主程序包替换下VST、VST3、AU插件补丁,这三个格式的文件夹在 /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins


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