Native Instruments Kontakt 6.2.2 macOS版康泰克采样器

Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.2.0 macOS
Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.2.2 macOS | 891.2M

Kontakt是采样器世界中的标准。Native Instruments Kontakt 6提供了一系列高质量的滤波器,范围从经典的模拟电路和可变状态模型到现代格式的滤波器。37个新滤波器中的一些使用了新的“自适应谐振”概念,该概念自动控制滤波器的特性,以防止过多的谐振峰值产生令人不快的声音伪像。采样器的第五个版本还添加了TimeMachine Pro时间抓取功能,可为谐波独奏乐器提供最佳音质。
Native Instruments Kontakt 6中的“效果”部分已进行了扩展,增加了一些重点,重点放在工作室风格的声音处理上。从Solid Mix系列中借用的新Solid G-EQ和Solid Bus Comp算法可以进行对齐和压缩,并且可选的Transient Designer已以其原始形式集成到Kontakt效果部分中。此外,新的模拟Tape Saturator可以增加自然压缩和微妙的有机过载,而从Native Instruments Maschine凹槽获取的老式采样模式已集成到Native Instruments Kontakt 6功能集中。
对于声音设计师和专业样品制作者,Native Instruments Kontakt 6提供了基于KSP的新乐器总线系统和MIDI文件支持。16条内部立体声总线及其独立的集成单元提供了更大的路由灵活性; Kontakt脚本处理器MIDI文件功能使您可以基于具有通用集成MIDI播放功能的乐器来创建高级乐器类型。


支持:macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update), i5, 4 GB RAM

ADDED There are now three new state of the art modulation effects (Choral, Flair & Phasis)
ADDED KSP: There is a new type of zone that can be created and is fully accessible from KSP, allowing for dynamic mapping of samples, including end-user ones (set_num_user_zones(), set_sample(), set_zone_par(), set_loop_par() & is_zone_empty())
ADDED KSP: All zone parameters can now be read from KSP (get_sample(), get_zone_par() & get_loop_par()); available for both user zones & standard ones
ADDED KSP: New MIR functions to detect pitch, RMS, peak level and loudness of any zone (user or standard)
ADDED KSP: New MIR functions to classify samples based on their audio characteristics (e.g., Kick, Snare, Choir, Synth, etc)
ADDED KSP: New UI widget (ui_mouse_area), this first iteration of which allows dropping files from the system to an instrument’s UI
ADDED KSP: New command to make handling asynchronous operations more convenient (wait_async())
IMPROVED An instrument can now be loaded with missing resources (samples, NKRs, etc) without the references being completely discarded, i.e., one can load an instrument, ignore missing samples, save it and reload it without losing data
ADDED A new entry in the Mapping Editor’s Edit menu allows for manually removing all zones with missing samples
IMPROVED KSP: purge_group() now returns an async ID, allowing for reliable tracking of the operations completion
IMPROVED There were some performance issues with instruments with many automation assignments when running in Logic
IMPROVED The scrolling and animation speed in the Libraries tab has been adjusted
FIXED There are no more conflicts between MIDI and Host automation in Logic
FIXED Kontakt would often crash when trying to run a Batch Resave operation
FIXED There were some audible clicks in certain cases involving looping samples played back with Time Machine Pro
FIXED Kontakt would crash when saving an NKI after assigning user automation to any of the recently added reverb and delay effects
FIXED KSP: Switches and menus would get stuck in their hover states under certain circumstances
FIXED KSP: In certain cases, when a control was within a panel, its position would be 1 pixel off of what was expected
FIXED Kontakt now works on Mac OS Catalina