Trap,Trapstep工程-Cymatics Jumper Trap Beat Project File


Project File | 358 MB

The ability to produce Trap Beats is one that could land you in the hands of Drake, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar, or in a collaboration with RL Grime or Flosstradamus.

It is a an ability that will make you one of the most VERSATILE producers in today’s music.

So we decided to make “Jumper” – a massive Trap Beat Project which highlights the industry secrets behind this exciting style of production.

With “Jumper”, you’ll be able to study the 808 kick and bass combinations that shake subwoofers worldwide, and the eerie synth sounds that have brought this genre to the top of the charts!

Now you can look past all of smoke and mirrors and see EXACTLY what the industry’s leading producers are doing! Complete with punchy drums, the glitchy hi hats, and everything you will need to bring your productions to an entirely new level!

We really took our time perfecting every last detail of this project for you to take home and dissect.

The finished product is the ULTIMATE shortcut that can get you the quality production you’ve been looking for…

Don’t miss the chance to learn what they don’t want you to know –

Download the “Jumper” Project File now.

  • Requires Serum v1.21b3
  • Included in this pack:
  • “Jumper” Ableton Project File
  • “Jumper” FL Studio Project File
  • “Jumper” Logic Project File


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