Future House工程-Cymatics Miami Future House Project File


Project File | 123 MB

Tracks by Future House specialists like Tchami, Oliver Heldens, and Martin Solveig always have unique sounds, but remain melodic and super danceable…

They attain the perfect balance between sound design, melody, and groove.

But as many producers know:

Successfully achieving this balance is no easy task…

So we created the “Miami” Future House Project File – a perfect demonstration of how extraordinary sound design, stellar melodies, and contagious groove can work together in perfect harmony to forge an epic Future House track.

We had our best producers work on Miami to make sure it’s extremely informative and useful as an educational resource, but also intuitive and easy to digest.

As soon as the project loads, the clean, calculated arrangement will welcome you to explore and delve deeper into the intricacies of the Future House genre.

The processing chains and automations are well-thought-out and purposeful…

Anything that didn’t contribute to making this track better was completely stripped away to ensure a clean, concise project.

Exploring this track is seriously an enlightening experience.

It will help you break down the complexities of the genre and understand how sound design, melody, and groove come together to form the Future House experience.


  • Format: .ALS / .LOGIC / .FL
  • File Size (Zipped): 139.6 MB
  • File Count: 1 Project File (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio)
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