Dubstep鼓组采样包-Cymatics Terror Drums for Dubstep WAV

WAV | 963M

Terror Drums for Dubstep gives you the highest quality samples for creating heavy bass music – period. You won’t find drum samples like these anywhere else!
The possibilities of creating huge sounding tracks are endless when you have access to the same quality of sounds as all the top producers have. These drums are now being used by all the top names in Dubstep.
It doesn’t matter if you make Dubstep, Trap, Hybrid, or any other form of Electronic Music – these samples will make your songs stick out!
Included in this pack:
• 80 Kicks
• 100 Snares
• 100 Percs
• 100 Drum Fills
• 25 Drum Builds
• 40 Hihat Loops
• 50 Crashes & Hihats
• 75 FX
• 75 Bass One Shots
• 30 Synth Loops
• 25 Bass Loops
• 15 Stabs




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