Antares Complete AU VST RTAS TDM MacOSX 苹果人声处理效果器合集

Antares Complete AU VST RTAS TDM MacOSX 苹果人声处理效果器合集

Team: XVX | Date: 04.27.2010 | Size: 56,32 MB

15个Antares插件合集,包含Auto-Tune 7/EVO/EFX…..,仅支持OSX 10.12.6以下的老苹果系统,

支持Logic Pro X/Studio One/Ableton Live/FL Studio/Pro Tools 10/Cubase 8

This bundle includes 15 plugins of Antares.

Antares Complete AU VST RTAS TDM Latest 04.2010 OSX INTEL

Auto-Tune EFX –

The quickest, easiest, most affordable tool for real-time pitch correction and creating the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect.

Auto-Tune Evo –

The next generation of the worldwide standard in professional pitch correction. Evo™ Voice Processing Technology. New features. Sleek interface. More power. Truly Auto-Tune reborn.

Harmony Engine Evo –

Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator – A real-time harmony generating plug-in that puts professional-quality harmony arrangements within reach of any songwriter, producer, musician or engineer. The quickest, easiest tool for creating realistic harmonies.

Harmony EFX Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator –

An incredibly affordable, easy-to-use tool for creating realistic (if you want it to be) vocal harmony, Harmony EFX is a streamlined version of Harmony Engine Evo, featuring the same core Evo-based harmony generating engine as its industry-leading big brother.

MUTATOR Evo Extreme Voice Designer –

MUTATOR Evo provides a combination of tools for creating unusual, weird, or downright wacky voices. With high-quality pitch shifting, throat modeling, pitch-tracking ring modulator-based “mutation,” and a mind-bending temp-synced Alienization function, MUTATOR Evo is the perfect tool for unique special vocal effects and post- production sound design.

Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Native and TDM –

Bundles Auto-Tune Evo Native or TDM with the AVOX Evo Vocal Toolkit to provide everything you need for world class vocals. At a meaningful savings over purchasing them separately.

ARTICULATOR Evo Digital Talk Box –

The alien offspring of a vocoder and a modern-day version of the venerable talk box, ARTICULATOR Evo lets a user extract the formant and amplitude information from a vocal (or other dynamic source) and apply it to any other audio track. Perfect for talking guitars, singing synths, and a wide range of special effects.

WARM Tube Saturation Generator –

Based on Antares’ legendary Tube plug- in, WARM warms up vocals with Antares’ world-renown tube modeling technology, while being so processing-efficient that it can be used on every track in a project with negligible impact on CPU usage.

ASPIRE Evo Aspiration Noise Processor –

ASPIRE Evo is the world’s first tool for modifying a voice’s breathiness independently of its harmonic content. Whether reducing a bit of vocal rasp or adding a bit of smokiness, ASPIRE Evo allows modification of the amount and quality of a voice’s aspiration noise without otherwise affecting the vocal’s harmonic characteristics.

THROAT Evo Physical Modeling Vocal Designer –

Process vocals through a meticulously crafted physical model of the human vocal tract, offering the possibility of vocal characteristics that are simply unattainable by any other
means. Now with high-quality pitch shifting.

DUO Evo Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler –

Provides programmable variation in pitch, timing, vibrato depth, and timbral variation using a simplified version of THROAT Evo’s vocal modeling technology.

CHOIR Evo Vocal Multiplier –

A unique processor that actually turns a single voice into 4, 8, 16, or 32 distinct individual unison voices, each with its own pitch, timing and vibrato variations.

PUNCH Evo Vocal Impact Enhancer –

Give your vocals more dynamic impact, allowing them to cut through a dense mix with clarity and power. Advanced dynamic processing that’s incredibly easy-to-use.

SYBIL Evo Variable Frequency De-Esser –

Tame vocal sibilance with a flexible compressor with threshold, ratio, attack and decay controls as well as a variable high-pass frequency to match any vocal performance.

Unpack, copy plugs to their correct locations, copy preset folders to /Applications/Antares/.

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