[Avenger教程] Groove3 Vengeance Avenger Explained

Groove3 Vengeance Avenger Explained
Groove3 Vengeance Avenger Explained | 831M

拉里·霍尔科姆(Larry Holcombe)从《复仇之声》的好伙伴中揭示了您的新合成超级英雄复仇者联盟。深入了解Larry,了解此惊人合成器的更广泛和更详尽的细节,并了解它可以为您的曲目和作品做些什么!



有关更多信息,请参见下面的各个教程说明。如果您准备制作带有复仇的新合成音轨,那么今天就必须查看Avenger Watch“ Vengeance Avenger Explained”!

Larry Holcombe reveals your new synth superhero, Avenger, from the good folks at Vengeance Sound. Go deep with Larry, learning the broad and finer details of this amazing synth, and see what it can do for your tracks and productions!

Larry begins with an overview of the synth, getting you familiar with its layout and controls. Youll then jump right in covering its Oscillators, Synthesis Options, Routing and Modulation features, Creating Waveform Shapes, Resampling, and Importing your own Wave files for an endless sonic palette.

You’ll then go even further, exploring Multi-Samples and Stacking, the Drum Sequencer, Amps, Filters, LFOs, the Arpeggiator, the Step Sequencer, the Mixer and Effects, Macro Controls and so much more! After watching this series, you’ll seriously be a synth force to be reckoned with.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re ready to make new synth tracks with a vengeance, you have to check out Avenger Watch “Vengeance Avenger Explained” today!